Asian DJs
来自魔都(上海)的Dj javy,在短时间内,以一鸣惊人之势和他自己对音乐的悟性,俨然已经成为DJ界的一颗闪耀之星!作为heaven party的主音dj,曾多次前往北京funky,广州papa,深圳buddy,重庆app,成都max,泰国gcircuit,韩国gray,pulse和le queen,香港circo担任dj工作。同时,他也担任了一档电台节目mixparty的制作。他多次与世界知名DJ同台演出,包括Alex Acosta,Alex Taylor,ana paula,nacho chapado,ivan gomez等,让他累积了不少舞台经验。Dj javy最擅长:house,tribal,trance。他的音乐辨识度非常高,节奏感强,旋律时而空灵,时而迷幻,时而又会让你忘却自我,相信大家一定会在他的音乐的引领下,进入到他别具一格的音乐帝国,置身于他那无拘无束,放浪形骸的音浪中!

DJ Javy(heaven angel party resident dj), from the magic city Shanghai, with the potential of a blockbuster and his understanding of music, has become a dazzling star of DJ industry in a short period of time.As one of the best DJs in Heaven Party(Shanghai), DJ Javy has been repeatedly warmly welcome to performing in many famous clubs of Asia. Such as Papa(Guangzhou),Buddy(Shenzhen),App(Chongqing),Max(chengdu),Gray,Pulse,le queen(South Korea),Circo(Hongkong).At the same time, he also served as a producer of the radio show mixparty. DJ Javy has accumulated much stage experience by co-performing with many world famous DJs including Alex, Acosta, Alex Taylor, Ana Paula, Nacho Chapado, Ivangomez etc. DJ Javy is proficient in House Music,Tribal Music and Trance Music. His music recognition degree is very high, the music sense of rhythm is strong and the fancy melody will help you to forget sorrow in the life. We believe you will be entirely intoxicated with his music world.