Asian DJs
ZACKiSS is a newest DJ from China, who debuted at one famous nightclub in Shanghai. On an instant, his remix Dancing Diva from Jolin became a hit and made a blast through the air waves. After that, his tracks all conquering the music fans and listeners during the release. With his excellent mix work and pleasant on-stage presence, ZACKiSS has received extensive attention in all of World.

ZACKiSS was invited many times to spin at HEAVEN(Shanghai),Formosa Pride(Taipei),the WOW(Taipei),Hyperise(Singapore),Jungle Circuit Festival(Manila)、H.I.M(Seoul),DivineBliss(KL),LG Club(Shanghai),Lucca390(Shanghai),Onana(Shenzhen),Hunk(Chengdu). There were several sets posted on internet by ZACKiSS, which got 1st's Weekly Tribal House Chart. Are you ready to feel his sexy beat?