Asian DJs
DJ TAKI’s euphoric and progressive blend of tribal, house and electronic genres has assured his top position in the Hong Kong’s DJ scene. His first appearance at Asia's biggest gay event gCircuit Songkran 10 has significantly raised his profile where he mesmerised another multitude of music lovers. Today, he is amongst the most sought-after DJs for the hottest clubs and the biggest parties in Asia.

DJ TAKI broke into the underground party scene in 2004 after his stellar performance at the cult Hong Kong Morning Party where he managed to woo a loyal following. A year later, he assumed in-house residency at Hong Kong’s Darling Harbor Group. He has since worked with parties, clubs, international fashion brands and major events such as Circo/BingBing (HK), UnitedG (HK) Propaganda (HK), Pink Dot HK (HK), Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (HK), HK Gay Parade (HK), Hypertainment (Singapore), Pink Party (Singapore), Taboo (Singapore), DivineBliss (Kuala Lumpur), Apollo Club (Jakarta), Jungle Circuit Party (Boracay, Philippines), Nectar (Manila), Club Angel Heaven (Shanghai), LG Club (Shanghai), Destination (Beijing), SOUL (Shenzhen), ONANA (Shenzhen), Pride Music Festival (Taipei), WOOW Party (Taipei), G Star (Taipei), HIM Club (Korea), King Club (Korea), Looking-Star (Korea), Hompa (Korea), Le Queen (Korea), Escape Love (Vietnam), Club Republic (Vietnam), Fashion Brand GAP DJ Event, and guest DJ for “Knitwear Symphony 2014”.

TAKI will return to enchant and heighten the senses of the coolest party goers on the grand stage at Bangkok’s massive gCircuit Songkran 13 in 2019!