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Sun J
DJ 'SUN J' from Korea has been attracted by techno and music production since he was young and got familiar with various kinds of club music through his DJ network. Due to his musical curiosity and enthusiasm, he decided to study practical music professionally at the university. He began to learn music production, MIDI composition, and DJing from the beginning, and stepped into the field of creative activity.

He became more interested in electronic music made with computer, synthesizer, sequence, drum machine and sampler. He focus on those type of musics and interacted much with professional DJs. He got more interested in DJing which overwhelms and moves the audiences on stage. With that in mind, he was on his way to DJing in earnest.

After starting out a professional DJ career, he has been a resident DJ in various clubs. Currently, he is the main resident DJ in CLUB GRAY. In the meantime, by DJing at various parties, he has been attracting and acknowledging his unique style of music to the people of Korea and various countries.

His DJ style controls melody and lyrics moderately and features a mix of traditional strong techno musics that have a repetitive and uniform sound on a strong bass. It is also one of the strongest skillful point in his Djing, which is very sensibly understandable to music and re-create new mood as controlling its music through his professional spinning and mixing process immediately. His DJing across original techno and circuit party music will invite you to a dreamy, new world of music.

DJ Sun J data

2012.08 @ Club Pulse resident DJ
2014.07 @ Club GRAY Main DJ
2015.08 @ I AM Circuit Festival, Seoul
2016.08 @ I AM Circuit Festival, Seoul
2016.11 @ OPPA Party, Guangzhou
2017.08 @ I AM Circuit Festival, Seoul
2017.10 @ Club H.I.M resident DJ
2018.04 @ LG Club, Shanghai
2018.04 @ Songkran gCircuit 12, Bangkok
2018.04 @ Bear Beat, Bangkok
2018.05 @ H1circuitkorea, Seoul
2018.06 @ Tokio “It's a Gtopia”, Tokyo
2018.08 @ I AM Circuit Festival, Seoul
2018.10 @ Formosa Pride, Taiwan

@ Bear Ball Party Main DJ
@ Club H.I.M Resident After DJ