Asian DJs
DJ Mango (TAIWAN) who born in 90s and has great interest in music since he was young. Start to remix and edit music form 16 years old then found he has strong interest in electronic dance music and and published his music works on the internet regularly. The music style is mainly based on Progressive House, Tribal House, Circuit, Pop Mash but has its own characteristics.

In 2016, he joined Funky Club (Taipei) to show his music talent to the audience and change his life from amateur status to professional. Soon, he was invited to APP CLUB (Chongqing, China) as the resident DJ. In 2017, he was invited to perform at the “Jungle Circuit Party” (Boracay) which is the Asia's largest outdoor beach party. In the same year, he was voted become the most popular DJ in Asia (campaign host by Shanghai Angel Club), and also be invited to join China's largest comrades New Year's party 「Heaven ANYE Party, Angel Club, Shanghai」and also the 「Heaven Dragon Boat Party」in the year 2018. We can be sure that he is a youngest growing star in Asia.

He will show his Musical fanaticism to audience and dreaming for big stage. It is hard to defined his music by the text. It's can only experience by yourself!

DJ at
• Funky Club Taipei
• App Club Chongqing

• App Club Adam’s Birthday Party (CN) (03/15-16)
• WOOW on the Ship Party (TW) (07/02)
• Longfor Properties Co. Ltd Summer Party (CN) (08/05)
• DivineBliss Salation Party (KL) (10/20)
• 2016 Taipei Pride Parade DJ (TW)(10/29)

• DivineBliss Salation Party (KL) (02/26)
• Ehcobay lollipop Party (CN)(03/18)
• Jungle Circuit Party (Boracay) (04/28)
• Onana Club(CN) (08/25-26)
• Ehcobay lollipop Party (CN)(10/14)
• ANYE Party Shanghai 2018 (CN)(12/31)

• DivineBliss Salation Party (KL) (05/26)
• Cercle Club Taipei (TW)(06/08-09)
• Heaven Dragon Boat Music Festival(CN) (06/18)
• H.I.M Club Seoul Korea Gay Pride Party (KN)(07/13-14)
• Chongqing Fairy Mountain Music Festival (CN)(08/04)
• Taboo Club National Day Eve Party Singapore (SG) (08/09)
• Divinebliss RESURRECTION2018 (KL)(09/01)
• The Secret Taipei(TW)(9/29)
• Heaven China Gold week(CN)(10/04)
• The Secret Taipei(TW)(10/28)