Asian DJs
Louis T
With over 10 years of music experience, currently the most noticeable Asian Circuit DJ. Discovered during Juice DJ Quest 2004, he has made quite a name for himself ever since.

With a versatile repertoire, his style of music is an intoxicating blend of energetic and groovy progressive, funky house, tribal and handbag tunes guaranteed to drive the crowds wild. He began spinning professionally since 2004 in Kuala Lumpur at Velvet Dance Club, Budabar Basement, La Queen and Market Place.

Within a short period of time, DJ LouisT has distinguished himself as a prominent DJ in the Asian circuit and has played at numerous major parties across the globe. He has headlining many circuit parties in HONG KONG , parties under Cocktail, Pink Alert and United G, SEOUL (Club Reball, Club Play, Circuit), SINGAPORE (05 @ Indochine Summer party, Resident @ Taboo), BEIJING (Destination) and SHANGHAI (Club Deep, D2 & Angel Parties), BANGKOK (Mighty Asia & G-Circuit's SK 4 times), SYDNEY (Mardigras - Homesexual 2010), SAN FRANCISCO (Shangrila, The End Up) & GUANG ZHOU, SHEN ZHEN PAPA Parties. Come and experience his signature music as he leads you through a new phase of dance music.