Asian DJs
Born and raised in Taipei, currently based in Shenzhen as the resident DJ at Onana club. DJ Herric has been whipping the crowd into frenzy for years. He has also been invited by other big cities in Asia to hear his mesmerizing and refreshing sets.He was the opening DJ for Alex Acosta in 2015 Summer Heaven Party, and he will also spin with DJ Ivan Gomez in 2016 Spring Heaven Party (Shanghai) in April and DJ Paulo in Summer Heaven Party (Shanghai) in June. In 2018, DJ Herric was invited to spin Formosa Pride Party (Taipei), which is the biggest party in Taiwan. DJ Herric’s musical style combines hard-hitting tribal and house and can always create a new sound that generates sexy dance floor anthems that speak to the crowd. With his charming style, fierce determination, and golden touch on the wheels, Dj Herric has changed the landscape and will continue to shine.